Welcome to this very plain and simple unflashy presentation of some of the explanations, help and opinions I offer in the thinkbroadband forums. I expect to add to it over time.

I hope it is helpful to those who read it. It will certainly help me avoid an awful lot of typing :).

If you want broadband help on something that I don’t cover here, or clarification of something that I do, it might be quicker for you to open a thread in the appropriate forum at the link below rather than emailing me.

That way if I am not around or don't know, or if the answer is a matter of opinion, you will find many very knowledgeable people who will be willing to chip in. However my email address is below if you prefer that way.

It makes it easier for anyone trying to help you there if you take the trouble (a couple of minutes) to register on the forum site beforehand. We often get several "Anonymous" posters in a thread and it can get very confusing when they are all talking about a similar problem. You will not be deluged with spam from the site.

thinkbroadband forums.          thinkbroadband Main Site.


Bob :)

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