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CP - Communications Provider. The latest BT buzz-word for the company from which users buy/rent telephone and broadband services.

DLM - Dynamic Line Management. Monitors the general performance of the line and adjusts settings such as target noise margins, exchange power output levels and so on.

DMT - Data Modem Tool. A popular software package for monitoring and adjusting modem/router parameters. See Monitoring/Tweaking and Useful links.

Dynamic IP. With Dynamic IP your ISP assigns you an IP address every time your modem/router is switched on. Though with may ISPs the dynamic address is “sticky” - it is very often the same as previously. Also see Static IP.

FECs - Forward Error Corrections.  A count of packets corrected by a modem/router. See Interleaving.

Fibre On Demand - An Openreach product expected during 2013 to provide FTTP to areas that already have FTTC by taking spurs off the fibre supply to the FTTC cabinets. It will be separate from FTTC though, not using its cabinets, and expected to have a fairly high installation cost.

FTR - Fault Threshold Rate. BT Wholesale connections, 70% of MSR.

FTTB - Fibre To The Building. Rarely used in forums. It is really FTTP (see below).
FTTC - Fibre To The Cabinet. Consists of a fibre service between the exchange and cabinet and existing copper between the cabinet and the premises.
FTTH - Fibre To The Home. See FTTB above.
FTTP - Fibre To The Premises. Consists of a fibre service all the way from the exchange to the premises. Described in terms of the PCP cabinet area covered, but not connected to the cabinet in the way FTTC cabinets are.

GEA - Generic Ethernet Access. The BT Openreach method of handing over FTTx connections  from the user to ISP/wholesaler’ DSLAMs/MSANs in the exchange.

Interleaving. A way of spreading data across multiple packets so as to enable various error correction routines.

IP address. Your computer’s address on the internet.

IP Profile.  A setting in BT Wholesale products that sets maximum download speeds in certain bands.

IPSC - IPStream Connect.   An interim product from BT Wholesale allowing user connections at non-WBC-enabled exchanges to be delivered to the ISP over WBC or WBMC.

IPStream. BT Wholesale proprietary name for the technology behind “up to 8Mbps” ADSL Max.

ISP - Internet Service Provider. Now usually referred to by BT as a Communications Provider (CP).

LLU - Local Loop Unbundling/Unbundled - The system by which ISPs can install their own communications equipment in BT exchanges and have their customers’ lines connected to it rather than the BT Wholesale equipment.

MSR - Maximum Stable Rate. A parameter set by the 10-day training period on BT Wholesale connections.

NGA - Next Generation Access. Basically the Openreach fibre products (FTTC/P) plus GEA.

Noise Margin - Please see Signal to Noise Ratio Margin.

PCP - Primary Connection Point. Any normal phone cabinet, excluding SCPs.

Power-cycle - Switch off, wait say 20 seconds for the electronics to calm down a bit, and switch back on.

PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network.

RS Corrections - Reed-Solomon Corrections. A count of packets corrected by a modem/router. See Interleaving.

SCP - Secondary Connection Point. A slave cabinet of a PCP.

Slamming - where a Communications Provider (CP), (or in fact any provider such as gas or electricity),  transfers you to their products/system whether or not you intend or wish that to happen.

SNR - Signal to Noise Ratio. Exactly what it says, the ratio of the signal strength to the noise level.

SNRM - Signal to Noise Ratio Margin (also know as Noise Margin and erroneously reported as SNR by many domestic ADSL modem/routers). An amount by which the noise level can rise before the connection will be lost. Some modems will hold to -1dB or -2dB margin, others will lose connection anywhere below 3dB.

Static IP. With static IP, when you sign up to an ISP they assign you a permanent/fixed IP address. The main purpose of a static IP is to allow easy (legitimate) connection to your modem/router from others on the net.  For example if you run a web or mail server on one of your computers, or might want to connect to it yourself from elsewhere using a laptop. Also see Dynamic IP.

VULA - Virtual Unbundled Local Access. An OfCom descriptive name for GEA.

WBC - BT Wholesale Broadband Connect. An “up to 24Mbps” product for large ISPs who have the capability to install links to 20 BT nodes throughout the country and do all the data handling from there independently of BT.

WBMC - BT Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect. Similar to WBC but BT bring the data to an ISPs own handover point.

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