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Last update 26 January 2011

These pages have tips for and information about various ISPs that aren’t always obvious or easily found on their websites.

I haven’t gone around looking for this sort of thing - that would be a life’s work! So I’m starting with those I know of. Similar (verifiable) info for any other ISPs, or corrections/updates to these pages would be very welcome.

Many ISPs often have cashback available for ordering through at least the following two sites:-


Links to the tips for individual ISPs below:-

O2/Be comparisons (MKD)

Be careful when using many of the comparison sites that only list a selection of the major players. As I understand it these often charge ISPs to be present on the site and I suspect may also be paid a commission if you sign up through them.

As you can see from the thinkbroadband listings there are many good ones you will not see on such sites.


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