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29/07/16 V1.2.21 - Updated the Tsohost domain price on the ISP-independent web/email page

07/12/14 V1.2.20 - Replacement of the xDSLx graph links on the Useful Links and FTTx pages. Altered the Samknows exchange search link on Useful Links because it has been moved on samknows website.

28/03/13 V1.2.19 - Removal of a link on the FTTx page as the target has vanished.

11/01/13 V1.2.18 - Considerable changes to BT DLM and IP Profile pages in the light of the much fuller information now available about BT fibre products. Changes to most ISP Tips pages as their policies and products have changed.

15/06/12 V1.2.17 - O2 traffic management relaxations.

09/05/12 V1.2.16 - Sky added to the FTTC ISP page. The “disappeared” Google AdSense ad reinstated.

09/03/12 V1.2.15 - ISP-independent email/web page updated re Purple Cloud taken over.  Copyright date updated.

15/01/12 V1.2.14 - BT tips page updated re removal of FUP, and to include the BT line rental requirement.

14/01/12 V1.2.13 - Plusnet tips page has an explanation of their IP Profile copy and a link to its portal page.

10/12/11 V1.2.12 - BT IP Profile page replaced by a header page and Old/New/FTTx ones added below it.

30/10/11 V1.2.11 - O2 FUP details updated.

08/08/11 V1.2.10 - Web Tapestry FTTC prices link.

11/07/11 V1.2.9 - Street cabinets/furniture pages added.

28/06/11 V1.2.8 - Correction of VULA definitions non FTTC page and in the Glossary.

26/06/11 V1.2.7 - BT Broadband Option  3 with Fibre note added in FTTC suppliers.

25/06/11 V1.2.6 - TalkTalk added to FTTC list (non-BT Wholesale); FTTC page updated re the Openreach DLM; BT DLM page updated for the recent trialling version of it.

06/06/11 V1.2.5 - Goscomb, Merula, UTV and Web Tapestry added to FTTC list.

25/05/11 V1.2.4 - Newnet added to the FTTC supplier list.

24/04/11 V1.2.3 - BT sockets page added. (External NTE link removed from “Useful links). Plusnet fibre page re-linked.

07/04/11 V1.2.2 - What is LLU? page updated.

28/03/11 V1.2.1 - Plusnet added to the FTTC ISP page.

11/03/11 V1.2.0 - FTTx page gets a picture of the new NTE5 filtered faceplate.

09/03/11 V1.1.9 - FTTx ISP page now has a link to a spreadsheet with basic details.

06/03/11 V1.1.8 - ADSL24 also taking 5Mbps FTTC orders.

02/03/11 V1.1.7 - FTTx supplier page, xil/uno link updated to go to their checker.

20/02/11 V1.1.6 - Note on FTTx supplier page that Aquiss take 5Mbps estimate orders.

15/02/11 V1.1.5 - Link to BT 2007 FTTH/P Consultation Document removed as the doc isn’t there any more.

28/12/10 V1.1.4 - AAISP tips updated.

17/12/10 V1.1.3 - Plusnet tips updated re email addresses and webspace.

16/12/10 V1.1.2 - Plusnet tips page tidied. Similarly Be tips. ISP-independent web/email page revised. A BT tips page added.

28/11/10 V1.1.1 - BT Wholesale Broadband Availability checker added to Useful Links.  The same checker broken link on the FTTx page fixed. Bookey FTTx rollout map removed as too out of date. O2 and Be tips pages - small changes. BT DLM page - a warning added about strange occasional happenings on WBC.

23/11/10 V1.1.0 - ISP tips page added. Info about GEA and VULA in FTTx and the Glossary. Crazily high speed test results page added in Troubleshooting.

21/11/10 V1.0.7 - Tweaking page modified and a link to Netgear DGTeam firmwares added. (Courtesy of DrTeeth on thinkbroadband forums).

07/11/10 V1.0.6 - TitanADSL uno/xilo & Vispa added to the FTTC ISP list.

23/10/10 V1.0.5 - FTTC (VDSL2) speed graph link by Buck Consult added to the FTTx page.

15/10/10 V1.0.4 - Spitfire added to the FTTx ISPs page. ISP-independent web/email page revised and typo corrected.

12/10/10 V1.0.3 - Zen added to the FTTx ISPs page.

10/09/10 V1.0.2 - FTTx suppliers now in a sub-page of the main one. A few other mods to the main one, including the roll-out map removed as out of date..  Fly-out menus introduced.

09/09/10 V1.0.1 - ADSL24 added to FTTx page. List re-arranged and links added to some that were listed without.

05/09/10 V1.0.0 - Conversion to NetObjects Fusion 11 from Essentials. Updates to FTTx page re available ISPs, and a link to a 2007 OpenReach FTTH consultation document.

02/08/10 V0.4.3 - FTTx page updated with 288 connections per cabinet.

21/05/10 V0.4.2 - List of current and coming soon suppliers added to the FTTC page. Recommended web/email host changed on ISP-independent email page, which is renamed.

04/05/10 V0.4.1 - What is LLU page has slight clarification.

02/03/10 V0.4.0 - Hosting and email server changed.

26/02/10 V0.3.8 - Added a reference to samknows on the FTTC page as he now shows the enablement status for it. Changed the spec of the FTR on the BT DLM page as that is the current figure. Improved the Netgear tweaking a little and added how to get Netgear line stats.

01/02/10 V0.3.7 - Added clarification on the FTTx page about current broadband connections when an exchange /cabinet is FTTC enabled.

31/01/10 V0.3.6 - Improvements to the Noise Margin and Miscellaneous Nasties (in Troubleshooting) pages.

31/01/10 V0.3.5 - Clarification of the connection path for FTTC.

23/01/10 V0.3.4 - Update to the FTTx page with BT FUP link and an alternative ISP.

19/01/10 V0.3.3 - Corrections to the ISP-independent email page.

14/01/10 V0.3.2 - FTTx page gets some meat.

13/01/10 V0.3.2 - Links to Oliver’s O2 help and bookey’s FTTx rollout map on the Useful Links page.

- A new FTTx page currently holding that rollout map link again plus a link to a thinkbroadband forum post which has links to lists of exchange enablement dates.

- Recommendation to set log to file ON included with the description of the RouterStats link.

06/11/09 V0.3.1 - Improvements to the Interleaving/Fast Path page. Misc. nasties includes new-build property wiring.

05/11/09 V0.3.0 - ISP-independent email page added. Useful links now includes RouterStats. MAC process changed to warn against the words Cancel and Cease.

13/10/09 V0.2.3 - Link to a BT Builders’ Guide, including the new external NTE picture. Very minor other changes.

05/10/09 V0.2.2 - MAC process page added. Glossary update for Slamming.

02/10/09 V0.2.1 - InSSIDer link in Useful links. ADSL2 tweak added to SNRM tweak CLI instructions.

30/09/09 V0.2.0 - Site search added.

30/09/09 V0.1.3 - LLU description enhanced to cover Shared/Full explanation. ADSLn speed/attenuation graph added in useful links. What T4 used to be used for added on the Ring Wire page.

22/09/09 V0.1.2 - Update to Ring/Bell wire, High Noise Margin and BT DLM and IP Profile pages. Name of this page changed.

22/09/09 V0.1.1 - Phone extension cabling added to Ring/Bell wire and Miscellaneous nasties pages.

22/09/09 V0.1.0 - Unstable line and Bell/Ring wire pages added. Revisions to High Noise Margin page in Troubleshooting. Link to it added in the Noise margin description page. Miscellaneous nasties page added. Glossary update.

18/09/09 V0.0.2 - Glossary update. News and Calendar pages removed. Mistake corrected, my thanks to Matt at Xilonet.

17/09/09 V0.0.1 - A few more useful links and an intro to the Troubleshooting page.

16/09/09 V0.0.0 - Initial version.

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