Last update 11 Jan 2013

1) Always check the cashback sites listed on this page.

2) It is probable that customers can migrate from O2 to Be or vice versa whilst within contract. It certainly used to be possible to move from Be to O2 in this situation. I haven’t seen any recent examples, and given the new less good O2 packages I don’t expect to, but maybe you would like to make that move. A move from O2 to Be is more likely.

3) No webspace or email hosting is provided, though there is an SMTP service. See my ISP-independent web/email page.

4) Be aware that they require the “loaned” modem/router to be returned if you migrate out. A post-paid jiffy bag is sent at the time. Make sure you obtain proof of posting in case they fail to receive it, as a copy of that will satisfy them.

5) Recently several leaving customers have been incorrectly billed “express cancellation fees”. It appears this may be a (rather convenient) system bug.  Everyone who has challenged it has had it withdrawn/refunded.

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